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"One person's junk is another one's treasure"…
and a Hippo franchise is your map to that treasure!

Hippo provides safe, reliable trash and junk hauling services to residential and commercial customers. Our customers appreciate receiving superior service with sized-right, attractive trailers. As a Hippo franchise owner, you'll appreciate our straightforward approach and solid branding, with an easy-to-operate system that taps into the growing junk hauling market.

If you've been dreaming of business ownership, a Hippo franchise can make that dream come true because…

Owning a Hippo Franchise is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Low start-up costs remove barriers to entry.
  2. Home-based operation saves overhead expenses.
  3. Built-in flexibility puts you in charge of growing business.
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What's more, now's an excellent time to enter the junk hauling business. Take a look inside this essential industry…

The Hippo Business System

The Hippo franchise gives you flexibility. The nature of this business not only frees you from a dull, day-to-day routine, you may even opt to commence operations on a part-time basis, starting with just a few trailers. And you'll do it all from the convenient, cost-savings of your home office following our efficient business system. All of the details have already been worked out for you in our reliable, easy-to-use approach.

Everyone Has Trash

Solid waste is a steady and largely recession-resistant business, one in which haulers generate a lot of cash. In 2007, more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste was generated in the United States (This figure does not include construction or hazardous waste.) And, the age- old industry of junk hauling is booming as the need for professional junk removal services continues to rise.

Many factors fuel this industry's growth, with a few particularly notable contributors. For one, increasing numbers of do-it-yourselfers are taking on projects that generate large amounts of junk and clutter. And, the demand for assisting with foreclosure clean-ups is bringing a significant increase in business to some junk hauling companies. Spring cleaning rites and New Year's resolutions to de-clutter also bring upticks in business to junk haulers. The bottom line is, everyone in our society has junk! Quality hauling services are needed because getting rid of junk, especially bulky or big items, isn't always easy for people to do. With a Hippo franchise, you'll not only make it easy for people to get rid of their junk, you in our reliable, easy-to-use approach!

Who Needs Hippo?

The list of potential Hippo clients is long and varied! They can include apartment buildings, moving companies, office complexes, contractors and many others. You can perform foreclosure cleanouts , service people who are moving, do-it-yourselfers, students and more.

Hippo trailers are ideal for garage and basement cleaning, remodeling projects, yard waste removal, building debris removal, furniture and appliance removal, and site clean-up, just to name a few! With the constant need for junk hauling, it's relatively easy to enter this age- old industry. You'll need a ¾ ton truck to haul your trailers.

The Trailer Advantage

Eye-catching, bright and clean, your trailers offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to typical dumpsters. In addition, they'll serve as “mobile billboards” that advertise your franchise! Large white lettering on cheerful red trailers spells out “HIPPO,” “Easy, Affordable Trash and Junk Hauling,” “You Fill or We Fill,” along with our 1-888 GO HIPPO number and suggestion to “Book Online” accompanied by the Hippo web address, Simply parking one of your trailers in a high traffic area serves as a great way to advertise for free!

You and your drivers will benefit from the fact that Hippo trailers are more maneuverable than dumpsters. With a capacity of 10 cubic yards and four tons, your trailers can fit in a lot of places that are too tight to accommodate a roll-off dumpster. This poses a great advantage to your commercial customers who are refurbishing at existing homes, where trailers are much less likely to damage driveways, sprinkler systems, lawns and other areas, a plus for both residential and commercial customers. Your Hippo franchise will also provide the manpower to clear trash and load the trailer for either residential or commercial customers. Offering this option broadens your appeal with customers and is a very profitable aspect to the business.

Network of Service

Hippo owns the number, 1-888 GO HIPPO, and calls will be relayed to the franchisees via the Call Center. Our website will also be a great source of leads to be passed forward to our franchisees. A centralized internet-based ordering system will be designed to meet the needs of all franchisees in a timely, effective manner.

Service, Four Ways

The Hippo system is set up to accommodate customer needs, with self-fill or help-fill options.

Residential Self-Fill

For self-fill clients, you'll drop off the trailer and leave it for up to 3 days, weekends especially popular. Residential clients love having the time they need to load, followed by your quick response pick-up.

Commercial Self-Fill

Commercial customers are in business all year round and very soon become repeat customers. They love the flexibility of the service in where and how quickly the trailers can be positioned.

Residential & Commercial with Labor

Your Hippo franchise will also provide the manpower to clear trash and load the trailer for either residential or commercial customers. Offering this option broadens your appeal with customers and is a very profitable aspect of the business.

The Hippo Franchise Advantage

More than 900,000 franchised businesses operate in the United States, employing more than 18 million Americans and contributing in excess of $1.53 trillion to the economy. Many factors contribute to the popularity of this method of doing business. With a franchise, you start out with an established system. Following our proven method, you may be able to reduce the risks commonly associated with starting your own small business from scratch. Not only that, you'll be opening a business that has a recognizable name; one whose brand power will only continue to grow as the franchise team expands. You'll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, with an array of support services to help you from the very start and all along your way.

Excellent Support

Owning a Hippo franchise gives you access to a system of support designed to help you with every aspect of operating your business. You'll attend classroom training that covers such areas as administrations, operations, sales/marketing and others. As you prepare to start your business, we'll send a trainer to assist you with a smooth launch. A detailed operations manual will serve as a useful tool, containing all you need to know about Hippo's policies, procedures, customer service techniques and much more.

Marketing Support

You'll receive excellent marketing support with effective ads, and marketing plans provided for your use. Hippo has an array of TV commercials it has aired available to support extended growth. The Hippo website will give your business additional exposure and, as mentioned earlier, your Hippo trailers serve as tremendous “free advertising” in and of themselves!

Our ongoing support and service will include periodic visits from a trained Hippo field representative who can provide any assistance you might need. We believe in keeping the lines of communication open, and will be available to you by phone or email to answer any questions and provide expert guidance.

Environmentally Sound

As society pays more attention to environmental issues, communities embrace an environmentally-conscious approach to junk hauling. With your Hippo franchise, you'll make an effort to recycle whenever you can and this can also serve as a perk as many items have value for scrap or are reusable.

How to Qualify

We'll be awarding a select number of Hippo franchises to qualified individuals. You must be self-motivated with the ability to multitask and stay organized. In addition to good physical ability, you can't be afraid to get dirty and work with your hands. Further, we're looking for friendly people with strong people skills and a focus on customer service.

Take Charge of Your Future!

A Hippo franchise allows you to become the master of your fate in a flexible, easy-to-operate business. You'll provide in-demand services, based out of a home office and growing at a pace that's right for you. Better yet, our relatively low start-up costs make it even easier for you to get started!

There's plenty of junk and refuse waiting to be hauled, so don't delay – contact us today for more information! You'll find our contact information on the back cover of this brochure.

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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