Service, Four Ways
The Hippo system is set up to accommodate customer needs, with self-fill or help-fill options.

Residential and Commercial With Labor

Your Hippo franchise will provide the manpower to clear trash and load the trailer for either residential or commercial customers.

Residential Self-Fill

For self-fill clients, you'll drop off the trailer and leave it for them to fill themselves.

Commercial Self-Fill

Commercial customers are in business all year round and very soon become repeat customers. They love the flexibility of the service in where and how quickly the trailers can be positioned.

The Trailer Advantage
You and your drivers will benefit from the fact that Hippo trailers are more maneuverable than dumpsters. With a capacity of 10 cubic yards and four tons, your trailers can fit in a lot of places that are too tight to accommodate a roll-off dumpster. This poses a great advantage to your commercial customers who are refurbishing at existing homes, where trailers are much less likely to damage driveways, sprinkler systems, lawns and other areas, a plus for both residential and commercial customers.

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